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Sex Offense
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There are few areas of law that have seen the conviction of more innocent people than those related to sex offenses. Ineffective defense is one of the primary reasons for this horrific injustice. If you are looking at a sexual charge, it is crucial that your attorney be thoroughly experienced in the field of sex offense litigation in order to defend you properly. The approach, and defense strategies, in this area of criminal law, are different from those employed in any other area of criminal law. They require unique skills, and investigative resources. We understand the fear, uncertainty, and shame involved with a sex crime conviction. At Josephine Townsend, Attorney at Law, we vigorously defend people facing sex crime charges. Defending Against a Wide Range of Sex Crimes Rape Date rape Indecent liberties Indecent exposure Child rape and molestation Incest Communication with a minor for immoral purposes Sexual exploitation of a minor Child pornography charges Prostitution
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